Why RM Education?

We set the standard in education technology – our long-standing expertise helps us deliver first-class digital safeguarding solutions. Thousands of schools across the UK trust us to help them on their digital security journey. We provide a safe learning environment, so schools can concentrate on giving every student the tools to learn and grow.

Defining digital security in education

The education sector faces some of its biggest challenges when it comes to digital security and safeguarding its students and faculty.


Schools need to understand their current situation, the risks they face and how to make sure they protect themselves in a way that makes them safe yet still working optimally.


Once you know where you stand you can put in place safeguards and solutions that will keep your education community safe without limiting access to the wealth of knowledge available online. Trust RM Education to help you take the right steps in your digital security journey.

Our partners

Our partners help us to provide you with the very best service in the industry. Along with our experts and the experience we have, you’re in good hands.


One of the big worries about teaching IT in schools is what else is coming through the filters. We know that RM keep all their security up-to-date – so because they’re getting it right we don’t have to worry.  Our IT’s got to be behind the proper security settings and of course RM provide that. We know that only the right kind of internet traffic is coming into our school, so we can be completely confident.

When it comes to planning ahead we know that RM already know us as a school, what we’re trying to achieve and what we’re planning for the future. They’re able to ensure that all the big questions about site security, data protection, are all dealt with at a global level so we can just focus on the teaching and learning.

Craig McCarthyHeadmaster of Russell House Independent SchoolOtford, Sevenoaks

Discover why thousands of schools choose RM Education to be the technology partner for their school.

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